Hiking and Photography in South Wales

Stillness of the Valley - lightsweep.tumblr.com - licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.jpg

It’s become something of a tradition in Casa del Hexabet to take a two-week hiking holiday somewhere in the UK. Typically this is somewhere in Scotland, which has led to wonderful experiences in Glencoe, Skye, Torridon, Arran, and more.

We love Scotland dearly. But sometimes, variety is good.

This year we’re spending two weeks in South Wales: first week in the Brecon Beacons National Park, and the second in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

I’ve only ever been to South Wales once, many years ago; I stayed with a load of friends at Castle Farm, near the tiny hamlet of Capel-y-ffin in the Black Mountains of the Brecon Beacons National Park. My memories were of lush, green valleys, rolling hills, sheep, a huge absence of people, and expansive views.

I was pretty much at the start of my photography journey back then, so I’m very much looking forward to expanding my South Wales experience with new eyes, especially around the Pembrokeshire coast, which I’ve never been to. Below, you can see some of my early attempts at capturing the scenes around the Black Mountains in the Brecon Beacons National Park.

Particular highlights I’m looking forward to in this year’s South Wales trip: Pen-y-fan, all the waterfalls, Llyn y Fan Fach, and practically the entirety of the Pembrokeshire Coastline.

Here’s to good light!