Impossibly Quaint

Today was lovely in the Lake District, once the rain buggered off.

Lisabet and I took Lisabet’s sister, who’s visiting from Italy, to Skelwith Bridge for delicious food and drink at Chester’s By The River, followed by a mellow stroll to Elterwater lake and its village.

Elterwater village is, as the title suggests, impossibly quaint. Old stone packhorse bridges, white-washed 17th century pubs, and tiny little village stores. An occurrence I love about Elterwater village: in the summer, once the sun drops and the temperature starts cooling, you can usually find some semi-wild Herdwick sheep in the area pop into the village for a nibble on the village greenery.

Camera: Sigma dp0 Quattro
ISO: 100
Aperture: f/18
Shutter speed: multiple
Software: Sigma Photo Pro, Photomatix, Nik Collection, Affinity Photo