The Rainbow Above The Cliff

Not long after I got my shiny new Sigma dp0 Quattro (incidentally, I need to write a review about it), I went hiking up a nearby hill just west of Kendal: Scout Scar (771ft/235m).

Scout Scar was one of my first experiences of Cumbria, when Lisabet introduced me to the place bright and early one morning. It’s been a personal favourite ever since. It’s not a high summit at all, and is dead easy to get to, but it is a limestone cliff that drops away suddenly to the valley floor of the Lyth Valley, which means Scout Scar offers unparalleled views of the Lakeland Fells.

On this afternoon, testing out my shiny new camera, the weather was more volatile with intermittent sprays of rain. This resulted in shows of dancing light and flashing rainbows, one of which I managed to capture here.

Camera: Sigma dp0 Quattro
Lens: built-in 14mm f/4
ISO: 100
Aperture: f/8.0
Shutter speed: multiple
Software: Sigma Photo Pro, Photomatix, Nik Collection, Affinity Photo