Off to visit an old friend

There’s nothing like a mini-break, right?

Tomorrow, Lisabet and I head 240-ish miles north, a 4.5-hour car ride to Glencoe.

Aahhh, Glencoe… the land of the Three Sisters, the Buckle, the Hidden Valley, and so much more. It’s been three years since we last visited and I am beyond excited.

Forecasts and webcams indicate that the peaks in the area should have a good coating of snow on ’em, too. My portfolio is seriously lacking in quality winter images.

Here’s a few shots below of my previous Glencoe work, back in the “prime” of my HDR days.

fire in the glen site.jpg
luminous illumination site.jpg
testament to the ice age.jpg

Oofah! Amazing how your eye and taste changes over time, isn’t it? This was once some of my proudest work. These days, well… let’s just say, I can do a lot better now.

Here’s to glorious light. In the meantime, feel free to check out my newest body of work: Isle of Arran, Autumn 2017.