The Inescapable Pull of Scotland, Now To The Mull of Galloway

That’s right. We’re off to Scotland again.

I can’t stay away from the place. It boasts an incredible variety of landscapes, fascinating geology, centuries of history, and of course the friendliest people on earth (ahem—also whisky—ahem).

Around the beginning of November 2017, Lisabet and I enjoyed a long weekend around a particular favourite of mine: Glencoe. And back in October, we spent two weeks in the country checking out the coastal delights of the Scottish Borders, followed by our first time around the incredible Isle of Arran.

This time we’re heading back to the Scottish coast again, but an area we’ve never been to before: the Mull of Galloway. This is the southernmost tip of Scotland and is “one of the last remaining sections of natural coastal habitat” in Galloway.

Forecasts indicate that we may experience blustery and overcast conditions during our stay, but hopefully largely dry, which will be nice given how Cumbria’s been this month.

Here’s to good light!